Alicante Like a Local is a travel and lifestyle platform from Alicante. The ‘Local’ in this name is founder Monique Ruesink.

It was 2006 that I exchanged the beautiful Netherlands for the sunny south. I soon realized that I wanted to put Alicante on the map. How was it possible that this city was not yet known to the general public? There is so much to do and see … Meanwhile, 14 years later, Alicante has become a well-known holiday destination. But it has nevertheless retained its authentic atmosphere.

In 2007 I started ´Events In Spain´. And have now guided many groups through my favorite city, took them on the road and let them taste all the delicious tapas in the city. With an interval in which I became a mother. But that has resulted in even more organizational talent and because of this I know even more local hotspots in Alicante and the surrounding area than before.

Because I always received the same questions from visitors and customers, I decided in 2014 to summarize all questions and answers in an Ebook, which I update every year; ´Alicante like a local´. With less than half an hour of reading, you know exactly where you should or shouldn’t be in Alicante. This way you immediately know what the places to be are for a short stay! And if you do not come in front of a closed door of a restaurant at 6 o’clock in the afternoon and you immediately know where to shop the best souvenirs.

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